Uses for Belgian dark chocolate bar 72% w/ Cocoa Nibs?

I'm thinking of adding another dessert for a potluck. I have 4 3.5 ozbars of this stuff and never used it. Few if any kids at the party (and I do have cheesecake w/strawberries.) I was thinking of cookies or brownie bites. Something where the nibs won't seem like grit? I have no nuts in the house drat. Anyone used this stuff?



Anitalectric April 26, 2011
Chop it up and fold into the batter for a banana cake. Top with cream cheese frosting. Serve thick, luscious squares to your partygoers.

I love this banana cake recipe by a pastry chef I used to work for:

The sweetness (from bananas, brown sugar and honey...or if you are vegan like me, sub agave) really stands up to the bitterness of dark chocolate. It is a winning combo.
Nora April 25, 2011
Chocolate bark! Melt it, with some semisweet choc chips if you want a little milder flavor. Stir in dried cherried or cranberries, some kind of nut(s), a splash of vanilla extract, maybe some Nutella. Spread it thin on a cookie sheet lined with parchment and let it set. Nibble bits and pieces. If you don't trust your housemates, hide it.
nutcakes April 24, 2011
don't have ice cream and I'm not going to the store today. I'm think Dorie Greenspan Korova cookies. I put a batch of little scones in the oven while I was thinking. I'll let you know if it turns out.
francesca G. April 24, 2011
Why not break it up and mix the shards in with softened vanilla ice cream or gelato? The sweetness of the ice cream will certainly stand up to the bitterness of the chocolate.
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