Tamarind concentrate & agave as a substitute for pomegranate molasses?

I am making this salad tonight and don’t have pomegranate molasses, but I have tamarind concentrate and agave. I’m trying to figure out how much of each I should use. If someone sees this tonight and has any thoughts, great! If not, I’ll wing it. Thanks! 🐥

  • Posted by: Denise
  • May 1, 2022


Nancy May 2, 2022
Response maybe late for this batch, but I would use 1 tbsp of the tamarind, which is similar to the pomegranate in combination of sweet and tart. And omit the agave.
Denise May 2, 2022
Thank you, Nancy! I actually ended up using 1 tsp of the tamarind concentrate (very strong, not sweet at all) and 2 tsp of agave. I'm not sure how true it was to the original recipe, but we thought it was delicious!
Nancy May 2, 2022
Good to hear!
AntoniaJames May 2, 2022
I'm going to keep this for future reference! I always have tamarind sauce on hand (I use the solid tamarind blocks to make my own), but occasionally I run out of pomegranate molasses, so knowing this substitution ratio is so helpful. Thanks for letting us know, Denise. ;o)
Denise May 2, 2022
I'm a novice with both tamarind and pomegranate molasses, so what turns out to be you're preferred ratio might end up different from mine, but it's a starting point. It certainly worked for me here, in this wonderful salad. Happy experimenting, Antonia!
Denise June 21, 2022
Oops. That should be “your” preferred ratio. Also, coming back to this recipe for the third time. So delicious!
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