Would it work to add potatoes?

Hey Emily - as I read this amazing recipe I can taste roasted cut up potatoes cooked along side chicken to soak up all that fab sauce - seems like the time and temp would work - your thoughts?

Dottie Ricketson


Happygoin May 11, 2022
I just made this recently and it’s delicious. And as much as I love potatoes cooked in with chicken (fat), I think I’d agree with Emily about the potatoes here though.
EmilyC May 11, 2022
Hi Dottie -- I'd lean toward roasting the potatoes at the same time (but in another pan) so you can better control their cook time and avoid overcrowding the sheet pan. (A crowded sheet pan will affect the way the chicken cooks, and the potatoes.) There will be plenty of sauce on the sheet pan for spooning over the potatoes at the end! Hope you enjoy the dish!
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