What type of cheese goes best ?

Do you recommend adding cheese ? If so what kind?

danielle ward


judy May 31, 2022
I would like to know what spice profile was used for the meat. Then I would know what is a good cheese for the dish. I'm thrown off my the coconut. could be SE asian style. But the Avocado says SW United States/Mexico.
AntoniaJames May 25, 2022
Feta, which is both salty and tangy, would also go well on these coconut-lime pork tacos. The tang helps cut the richness of the pork. (Great looking recipe, by the way. I must try it!!). ;o)
Emmie May 25, 2022
I'd use cotija or queso fresco, or even cheddar--something a little salty to play off the creamy avocado and tangy lime.
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