Could I add spices to this recipe?

I want to make a yeasted cake with lots of spices (cinnamon, cardamon, ginger, etc.) Can I simply add the spices I want? Would I need to adjust for them somehow?

  • Posted by: ky
  • May 31, 2022
Yeasted Pound Cake
Recipe question for: Yeasted Pound Cake


702551 May 31, 2022
Disclaimer: I have not baked this particular cake.

Based on my decades-long experience modifying cake recipes I don't think the addition of some spices will require any adjustment. If your spices are very fresh, you will need a very small quantity.

Personally I don't care much for cakes that have tons of different spice flavors. I prefer one or two highlighted flavors rather than a muddled, confused taste cloud.

It's your dinner table, your dinner guests, do what you want.
ky May 31, 2022
Thank you!
Nancy May 31, 2022
A few more ideas -
• from the size of the cake, use only 1 to 2 tsp total dried spices;
• if using more than one spice, go for a known balanced blend (for example, pumpkin pie spice, chai spice, or British baking spice);
• for more control, perhaps add spices to the roasted fruit garnish.
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