Are there any substitutions for raisins in this re is recipe?

My kids strongly dislike raisins (we boomers grew up on them, but my Gen Z children never ate them as kids and never got used to eating them). So, is there any non-dried fruit substitute you would recommend? Walnuts, perhaps? Or any sort of chip? I’m not sure semi-sweet chocolate would work in a spice cake, but any other suggestions?

Clare Colley
Tomato Soup Cake
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Nancy June 7, 2022
Another idea - if you or your kids want some crunch in the cake, but not dried fruit, consider adding a small amount of seeds - especially, pumpkin, sunflower (shelled) or sesame.
702551 June 5, 2022
My natural inclination would be to substitute with another dried fruit that commonly inhabits fruitcakes, panettone, etc. This would include stone fruits (cherries, apricots) and citrus (orange, lemon peel).

Another consideration would be yellow raisins which have a much different flavor profile than the black ones, just like white wine tastes way different than red wine (the color and much of the flavor comes from the skins).

Even another dried fruit off the beaten track like dried figs (perhaps the green ones over the black ones) or Japan's beloved dried persimmons might end up working fine. All of these would be subject to your in-depth understanding of your diners' flavor preferences and you seem to be adamant to exclude all dried fruits. Pity.

Nuts are a sensible alternative.

I'm not sure how well chocolate chips would work with this specific preparation. It's a spice cake and there's already a lot of flavor going on but hey, it's your dinner table, it's your call.

Best of luck.
702551 June 5, 2022
Note that you could simply omit the raisins and the cake will bake fine.
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