What is the roll-cut method mentioned in the recipe?

There is no explanation of or link to the roll-cut method for preparing the eggplant—the headnote just says we should be familiar with it from another one of the author’s recipes?

Mapo Eggplant
Recipe question for: Mapo Eggplant


702551 June 10, 2022
This is an cutting method that has been around for a long time in Asian cuisines. You cut the ingredient at a 45 degree angle and rotate it about 90 degrees between cuts to increase the number of surfaces the item can brown.

This is a great example of how text based instructions (so popular with American recipe authors) are often far less communicative than a series of still images or full-motion video.

Here is the latter:


Best of luck.
702551 June 10, 2022
The Japanese call this slicing method "ran-giri" which translates as "disorderly cut" because the individual cut faces are of different sizes.

You could probably search YouTube with that term and come up with more videos for your entertainment.

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