How would you freeze or meal prep this?

If you wanted to make these ahead of an event or freeze them, where would be a good step in the process to stop? Id worry that if you assembled and didnt cook at all, the tortillas would get soggy.

  • Posted by: caitlin
  • June 17, 2022


homemartt June 23, 2022
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Nancy June 19, 2022
Prepare through step 5.
Store 2 days in fridge or 2 months in freezer.
Reheat from fridge or defrost and reheat from freezer.
(Make refried beans and pico day of, or day before, you plan to serve.)
702551 June 18, 2022
My guess is the least compromise in quality/freshness would be to do steps 1-3 (sauce) and step 7 (beans) in advance.

When you want to serve, do steps 4-5. If the sauce is cold, it will need additional time to heat through. I'd probably leave the cheese off until they were warm then proceed through the rest of step 5. Don't follow the clock. Remember the sauce and tortillas are already cooked, the point is to get the enchiladas piping hot.

While you're waiting for the enchiladas to bake, reheat the beans and make the pico de gallo.

Best of luck.
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