Homemade Corn Tortilla Keeping

So, I recently asked about needing a tortilla press and everything. One, my tortillas turned out fantastic, thanks for all the tips! (Glass pie plate worked great to press them). Two, it made a batch. My boyfriend and I really only need about 6 at a time.
: Can I make a big batch, press them, layer them in plastic wrap and freeze them? Then cook right before needing them? Thoughts? Has anyone done something similar? Trying to make the process more accessible for weeknight dinners! Thanks



withinseason June 6, 2012
Speaking of never ending up in the fridge....! We keep them wrapped in tea-towels as they're coming off the stove. And if we don't polish them off, we use them in chilaquiles (there are lots of variations off this idea of frying and re-using the tortillas once they're dried out a little -- see Diana Kennedy's book for lots of ideas). ANYWAY. This one time we missed a lonely one left behind by itself in the tea-towel. Well. It went through the wash and we found it days if not a week later ...in a pair of underpants.
ChefOno June 6, 2012

At my house, they never make it to the fridge so I'm not really sure, a week maybe? Mold would be the issue. You could try freezing them which is what I do with flour tortillas (separated with a piece of parchment or plastic wrap).

TheFritschKitchen June 6, 2012
Thanks! Any idea how long leftovers would last in the fridge?
ChefOno June 6, 2012

Great, I'm glad that all worked out for you!

Corn masa, lacking gluten, is fragile stuff as you undoubtedly found out. Normally one cooks the tortillas and then reheats them for service, either by frying or steaming.

To steam, wrap the stack in a towel, hold over boiling water for a minute or two in a steamer, kill the heat and allow to stand 15 minutes. They'll keep in the oven as if they were fresh for an hour or so.

If you're doing just a few, you can interleave them with damp paper towels and microwave until warm. My mother used to toss them directly on a hot cooktop burner for a few seconds back before we had that convenience. You'd warm one, slather it in butter, roll it and devour while the next one warmed.

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