Soy Sauce Recommendation Pleaseeee

In my experiences with Asian cooking, different regions and countries have very different soy sauces, so soy sauce options and types are overwhelming. Do you have a type or a few brands you recommend? Thanks!

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"Instant" Dan Dan Noodle Mix
Recipe question for: "Instant" Dan Dan Noodle Mix

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702551 August 22, 2022
I suggest you just use whatever supermarket brand soy sauce you already have on hand. This recipe has a bunch of flavors going on and soy sauce will mostly be buried rather than the dominant, stand out flavor.

I generally keep one supermarket soy sauce (like Kikkoman) and one premium one on hand. You're supposed to refrigerate soy sauces after opening to slow deterioration and I'm not willing to give up fridge real estate to more than 2-3 bottles.

This recipe calls for 1/2 cup of soy sauce. It makes zero sense to use a premium finishing soy sauce in a preparation like this. In the same way, I won't use sel gris de Guerande for salting water for boiling pasta.

If you want a recommendation for a premium soy sauce, I happen to like Shoda. This 500 mL bottle is $21 at Amazon:

Shoda has different bottlings and I usually buy organic Yuki ("winter") from a local Japanese grocery store. I consider this to be a finishing soy sauce when its flavor dominates the dish (like sashimi).

Anyhow, look at what sort of Asian food you eat most frequently and consider picking out a soy sauce or two that matches that food the best, letting your own taste buds be the final judge.

Best of luck.
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