What is a good substitute for soy sauce in an Asian stir fry for someone dairy soy and gluten free? I googled it but not finding anything go



Sam1148 November 19, 2015
Dilute some tamarind paste.
Exbruxelles November 19, 2015
I'd serve steak and call it a day. This seems waaaaay too difficult.
QueenSashy November 19, 2015
Replacing the flavor of soy sauce will be close to impossible. But I think that a combination of Worcestershire sauce, fish sauce and a liquid from soaking dry mushrooms could come close in terms of complexity and "umaminess".
Nancy November 19, 2015
You might consider Worcestershire sauce, which is already used in China & Japan:
Check on the ingredients where you are, as formulations vary by country and by brand. But some are gluten-free, e.g. Lea & Perrins in USA, Heinz in Canada.

HalfPint November 19, 2015
as @SusanW has mentioned, coconut aminos is probably your best bet. Here's a review with a description of the flavor of coconut aminos. Sounds like you would probably need to add salt. Best of luck, http://byebyegluten.blogspot.com/2010/01/gluten-free-soy-free-soy-sauce.html
sexyLAMBCHOPx November 19, 2015
I always thought that San-J makes a variety of gluten-free, dairy-free Tamari Soy Sauce that would be a good substitute.
Susan W. November 19, 2015
She needs it to be soy free. You can purchase tamari made from garbanzo beans, but because it's a byproduct of making miso, it has to be ordered online from companies that make garbanzo miso like South River Miso. It's delicious, but they don't always have it available.
Alexis M. November 19, 2015
It will be a little different flavor wise, but I like to use fish sauce - salty and umami, and should be safe. I know liquid aminos are also a favorite of paleo folks, as someone mentioned elsewhere, but I'm not a huge fan.
Susan W. November 19, 2015
Liquid Caminos (Braggs) are made from soy. Coconut Caminos are much different and while not as rich, have a nice flavor reminiscent of soy.
Susan W. November 19, 2015
Sigh..aminos..not Caminos.
Susan W. November 18, 2015
Lots of Paleo people use this. It's quite good.
Scott H. November 19, 2015
I think fish sauce is a reasonable substitute, but make sure it has no hydrolyzed veg protein.
Cav November 18, 2015
Tamari is the usual substitute for soy as it's generally made without wheat, but not always. So check the label.
Susan W. November 18, 2015
Tamari is made with soy.
Cav November 19, 2015
Whoops. Missed the soy free part.

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