How much salt is required at each stage?

The recipe doesn’t indicate the amount of table salt.

  • Posted by: aislinn
  • August 26, 2022
Mango & Coconut Boston Cream Pie
Recipe question for: Mango & Coconut Boston Cream Pie


702551 August 26, 2022
I'd start with 1/4 tsp table salt for the cake batter and 1/8 tsp table salt for the filling the first time around, maybe a little more of each if using kosher salt.

Take notes and write down your thoughts in case you want to make it again.
Nancy August 26, 2022
Subject to further comments by recipe author.
Read through the directions (again?). They say "a pinch of salt" repeatedly.
Salt is used (lightly ) in baked goods for contrast.
And my experience is the same.
Table salt is called for in the ingredient list, and does work.
But if you have kosher salt or sea salt on hand, consider using one of those for more flavor and texture (they are flaky and have no additional chemicals, compared to table salt fine grind and with chemicals.
Maybe even use salt (either table or one of the others) as a garnish at the end, instead of mixed in.

aislinn August 26, 2022
Thanks! I have seen pinch of salt throughout most of the instructions, but in step 3, it does not indicate how much goes into the actual cake. I compared to a different, similarly proportioned Boston Cream Pie recipe and used 3/4 teaspoon, which is much more than my standard pinch!
Nancy August 26, 2022
I agree - would hold off the 3/4 tsp until after making this one time.
If it tastes a bit flat, add another pinch or two of salt, but not more.
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