What to do if I used too much salt in my dry brine. 5-6 TBSP table salt for an 18lbs turkey for approx. 8 hrs. I already rinsed completely. Help! :(

  • Posted by: Tyler
  • November 22, 2017


Matti N. November 23, 2017
That doesn't seem like too much at all. I use far more to dry brine a smaller duck, and you couldn't tell it at all after cooking. I'm with Amanda - bake it and taste it. And put the cranberry sauce nearby - the sweet/tart of that will balance the salt - and avoid a lot of salt in the gravy.

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Amanda H. November 22, 2017
Also, Tyler, once your turkey is roasted, taste a small piece and if you feel like it's salty, adjust the salt you put into the gravy. You can always help balance the turkey's salinity with the gravy.
Stephanie B. November 22, 2017
Go ahead and cook your turkey as planned. It sounds like maybe a little too much salt but not that far off. It will still have benefitted from the first bit of brining and shouldn't be too salty.

Has anyone else ever rinsed a dry brine before roasting?
702551 November 22, 2017
Submerge the turkey in plain water to leach out as much of the excess salt as possible until shortly before it is time to roast it. Drain, pat dry, and hope for the best.
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