raw center in French Yogurt Cake

I've baked this a few times and I frequently have to bake longer at the risk of burning the top (I cover with foil), otherwise the center is raw. Not sure if I should bake longer at 325 (so the top doesn't burn). Or start at a higher temp for a while and then lower the oven temp. The last batch I made was raw in the top center and I only got 4 slices out of it. Any suggestions?



Lori T. August 27, 2022
Check the oven temperature, expecially at the rack height you are using. If the oven temp is running hot, it would bake the top faster than the center portion. Also consider putting oven rack a notch or two lower, since oven heat tends to be warmer on top than bottom. Heat rises, of course. And there is nothing saying you can't shield the bread with foil if it browns a little faster than you want. And last, measure your loaf pan to see if it is actually the size it claims to be. Some of mine are not, and it might be your challenge as well.
BakerinNH August 27, 2022
Thank you. I am using a 9" x 5" pan and was expecting it to be done quicker (as mentioned in the instructions), but that has not been the case. I will move the rack down a notch the next time. I do believe my oven is running a little hot, so may try lowering to 335 or so.
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