Why is brioche bread always formed with a collection of smaller dough balls? Can I just put the dough directly into the loaf pan?

  • Posted by: Frank
  • August 29, 2022


702551 August 29, 2022
Yes, the dough can be put in other pans without the ball for that head. That's the traditional presentation but not required; brioche dough is very versatile.

There's a Jacques Pepin episode of him doing a variety of loaves from brioche dough and only one was the classic version with the head.
Frank August 29, 2022
Thank you for your reply and I will try to find Jacques Pepin's episode on brioche.
Nancy August 29, 2022
Not always but yes often formed with the little ball (the tete in name “brioche a tete”) from Paris.
But yes,
A) you can form it however you want, including a loaf
B) there is a tradition in Nanterre to bake brioche dough in a loaf.
Frank August 29, 2022
Thank you for answering so quickly. I kinda figured baking as one mass of dough would be fine, causing no change in texture. I was searching the web for a recipe and found none that didn't say to form balls.
Nancy August 29, 2022
Frank - if you want more info, including history and variations, see the brioche article in Wikipedia.
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