cooked egg back in the raw egg bowl?

I saw the video for this on I was surprised that Sin asks the cook to put the cooked egg back in the bowl that he whisked the raw egg mix. Doesnt this contaminate the cooked product?

  • Posted by: JR
  • August 30, 2022
Hong Kong Egg Sandwich
Recipe question for: Hong Kong Egg Sandwich


Lori T. August 30, 2022
If you are talking about strict food handling practices, yes- it would be cross contaminating the cooked end product. On the other hand, eggs tend to continue cooking, due to retained heat, for a short time after being removed from a pan. So it's entirely probable that whatever raw egg essence remained in the bowl would be "cooked" from that carryover heat. The way the recipe directs you to proceed though would not require you to put cooked egg back into the used bowl at all though. If you are concerned about your eggs and contamination, then you would naturally take precautions to avoid cross contamination.
trinagreenfield05 January 25, 2023
Further, it's quite simple to quickly rinse out that same bowl so as to not worry about it as I did. Lori is correct in that eggs continue cooking after cooking.
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