How should I clean my new brass peppermill?

It has industrial grease on it, but I'm not supposed to use soap and water. I don't want to ingest the grease!



Lori T. September 2, 2022
You can actually use dish soap and water to clean the outside of a brass mill. You just need to get it dried completely afterwards. A hair dryer works wonderfully for that. You can also clean it using a cut lemon half and salt, which cuts through regular cooking oils and such. For the inside, grind uncooked rice, and follow that with grinding a small amount of pepper that you discard. That will absorb anything inside. I suspect what you are seeing is likely a mineral oil or other food safe grease/oil. But as 702551 pointed out, to be sure you would need to contact the manufacturer to find out.
702551 September 1, 2022
The grease is probably food safe if the device was made by a reputable manufacturer. I realize that might not be reassuring though.

Contact the manufacturer for more authoritative guidance since no one here knows exactly what kind of grease it is.

Best of luck.
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