Hello, need some help with cleaning my new Staub Dutch oven!

Used it for the first time ...coated it with olive oil and added onions and celery than heated the pan....after they were well sauteed, ride to clean the pan with soap and water but the entire bottom has black chunks of flaky stuff all over. Have I ruined it? Tried soaking overnight and cleaning again. Not sure if I shoukd scrape this stuff off? If I try to cook with it, will this get into my food? What is the best thing to do? And gave I done anything incorrectly? Help! There is so much conflicting information I am not sure what to do.

  • Posted by: Judy
  • April 1, 2016


Becky W. May 22, 2018
The maiden voyage of my Staub Perfect Pan. 🙀 I did not season. Thought I didn’t need to. This was a shrimp and marinade which had brown sugar and ketchup. I thought I knew what I was doing. But obviously I missed a step. Ended up doing the rest of the stir fry in a non stick then putting it back in the Staub to serve and that fond came up nicely with the rice. I think I heated it up too quickly. Thoughts? Just an average bear that loves to cook. TYIA
BerryBaby April 10, 2016
When I have chunks left at the bottom of a pan after cooking, I add a bit of wine, maybe a couple of tablespoons to the pan while still warm. Heat it on low and scrap the bottom with a wooden spoon to loosen the bits.
Elizabeth V. April 1, 2016
Judy. Had exact same thing happened to mine. As others have suggested, boiling some water and adding baking soda did the trick. I also clean it with vinegar after each use and it looks shiny and new. I never season my Staub pots
Judy April 1, 2016
Thank you Susan!! I did not realize I needed to prep it first as it was not on the little instruction manual, at least where I looked. There is so much conflicting info, your suggestion about contacting them directly is a good idea and that is what I will do. And yes,
, gorgeous cookware! Best time to buy Staub I discovered is around Black Friday....the deals/savings at Williams Sonoma were amazing...

Thank you so much for your responses Susan ?
Susan W. April 1, 2016
Hi Judy, I have not owned a Staub (soon I hope), but after looking on Amazon at a few reviews, I'm puzzled. It says Staub doesn't have to be seasoned, but then someone mentioned their website suggests using a thin coat of oil and baking at 475 f for one hour. This is the method I use for cast iron, but I repeat the process at least 3 times. I end up with almost a teflon type coating on my pans that never burns or comes off with scrubbing. It's a great method. You do need to use a high smoke point oil. I use beef tallow.

I would think a baking soda and water paste with some gentle rubbing would take that right off, but I would contact the company and find out exactly why this happened and how best to season your pan if that is something that is necessary. You may be able to email them.

It's a gorgeous pot.
Smaug April 1, 2016
Boil a strong baking soda solution in it for at least 10 min.- how long and how strong depends on the severity of the problem, but this should either loosen or soften the black stuff.
Susan W. April 1, 2016
Can you paste a link to exactly which dutch oven you bought? No, you have not ruined it. Breathe.
Judy April 1, 2016
Hi Susan! It is a 5.25 inch round Staub cocotte. This is the link

Thank you ?
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