ok. dumb question re cooling & springform pan.

ok. dumb question (& not critical :). No troubles removing the sides after 10 minutes of cooling, but always wondered about the bottom - should I remove that too when warm? or wait until cool. Also, I LOVE this recipe. I'm lucky to get fresh from the farm ricotta regularly and this cake is a go to!! thanks!

Nancy Henderson
Louisa's Cake With Peaches
Recipe question for: Louisa's Cake With Peaches


Lori T. September 8, 2022
It's most certainly NOT a dumb question. It gets a bit confusing when you are talking about a pan that comes apart. I would remove this cake from the bottom, if you can do it without tearing up all your hard work that is. Otherwise, let it cool, and as soon as it is room temp, then shift it to the rack so the bottom isn't all squidgy. I usually line the bottom of my springform pan with either paper parchment or a round silicone baking sheet so I can more easily remove it from the bottom. Either way, it's a scumptious cake and I don't even get fresh ricotta. Lucky you!
Nancy H. September 8, 2022
Hi Lori - thanks so much for your response! Ok. I know exactly what you mean re waiting until room temp. makes perfect sense (and makes me wait a bit longer to take a piece, difficult but worth it to make sure I don't leave the centre of the cake behind :). I think I will use parchment next time (which could be soon - still some ricotta left! Thanks again!
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