Am I supposed to somehow get this pie crust I pre baked out of the pie pan and place of standing alone on a baking sheet?

When you say to place the pre baked pie shell on a baking sheet does that mean I should take my pie shell out of the pie pan that I baked it in and have it stand alone like free on the middle of the sheet?? No pie pan?



702551 September 9, 2022
Leave the parbaked pie crust in the pie tin, put it on a baking sheet, pour the custard into the pie crust, and bake. The baking sheet is mostly there to make the pie easier to handle.

Best of luck.
Amandadambrosia September 10, 2022
That makes so much more sense!! Thank you 🙏 first time making a pie 😆 thanks so much for the fast and helpful response!
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