Dairy & Refined Sugar Free Version?

Hello! I would like to make the following substitutions and wanted to get you thoughts?
Full Fat Coconut Milk instead of Milk & Heavy Cream
Coconut Sugar instead of Brown & Granulated sugar
Vegan butter instead of Butter
Also, do you cut the bread in cubes or slices?

Thank you!

Brittney Nespola
Baked Challah French Toast
Recipe question for: Baked Challah French Toast


Lori T. September 13, 2022
It is basically a bread pudding recipe, based on the ingredients typically used in making french toast. You could substitute several different types of non-dairy milks, and sweetener of your choice. The recipe does direct you to cut the bread into squares, but you could slice it into 1 inch thick slices as well. I do not use margarine, or a "vegan" butter, so I have no experience with that in a baked product. However I would assume a fat is a fat- in the way it works within the recipe. I suspect that if you use both coconut milk and coconut suger, you are going to alter the taste profile in favor of coconut. It will probably taste quite good, but not be the same French toast flavor profile I know. But if it suits you, that's all that counts in the end.
Brittney N. September 13, 2022
Thank you so much this is very helpful!
Stephanie G. September 12, 2022
I think it would be worth a try - with a dairy free, sugar free bread, instead of challah.
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