Granulated brown sugar

I'm using it because it's mess-free. But I'm concerned about equivalent measurement with plain brown sugar. Any thoughts or experience?



ChefOno June 10, 2012

I keep a similar product, C&H "Washed Raw" sugar, in my sugar bowl for sprinkling on cereal and whatnot because I like the flavor and the crunch. It makes an excellent topping for baked goods and makes a superb base for spiced syrup for rum drinks.


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ATG117 June 9, 2012
I think I know what type of granulated brown sugar you are referring to. I bought it once by accident. The texture is very different from that of brown sugar. It has none of the moisture, and I could never figure out why someone would buy it. I do not think it will work as a good substitution, especially not if you are making cookies. I'd buy regular brown sugar.
bugbitten June 9, 2012
I replaced the batteries in my little oxo, and a cup of granulated came in at 6 and 3/8ths. 500ml of water came in at 490 grams.
ChefOno June 10, 2012

Water measurement is off by 2% or 1 teaspoon per cup -- can't get much closer without a laboratory grade graduated cylinder.

I'd be really curious how you measured your cup of sugar, the scoop and sweep method with a dry-measure cup or some other procedure?

You could check the volume of the measure by weighing one cup of water which should weigh 236.6 gr.

ChefOno June 9, 2012

A cup of white granulated sugar should weigh in at 7 ounces so something seems a little awry.

Have you checked your scale lately? Switch to grams and measure out exactly 500 ml of water (remember to measure to the bottom of the meniscus).

bugbitten June 9, 2012
I'm not sure if it's created in a turbine. Domino calls it "brownulated," and says it is a cup for cup substitute for light brown sugar. I just weighed a cup which came in at only 5 and an eighth ounces. My white sugar weighs 6 and an eighth.

I'm only making BBQ sauce so it isn't critical, but I was hoping to use this as a staple, along with some molasses, and send my little ceramic bear out to stud.

ChefOno June 8, 2012

What Rachel said. Plus inequities in molasses content.

A cup of raw sugar weighs approximately 7.25 oz. When I'm converting recipes from volumetric measurements to weights, I assume a cup of brown sugar weighs 7.5 oz. So, going by cups, you're probably safe making the substitution.

However, there's a better method -- use a scale. Simply convert any mention of brown sugar from cups to ounces and avoid the mess that weigh.

Rachel S. June 8, 2012
Do you mean turbinado sugar? Like, light brown square-ish crystals? How are you going to be using it? It isn't going to behave quite like brown sugar in baking applications since the crystals are larger than normal brown sugar crystals, and will not dissolve as well or blend as easily into a homogenous mixture. But they could offer a nice crunch! That being said, I don't know if a lack of mess will make up for whatever differences you get in the end result. Let us know how it goes if you end up subbing it for reg brown.
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