Bread machine flour without a machinehine

My bread machine broke. I have 10 pounds of bread machine flour. Can I make bread with it not in a machine.

  • Posted by: Gbuck
  • September 14, 2022


Gbuck September 14, 2022
Thank you so much. I was not happy at the thought of throwing all of it away. You are awesome!
Lori T. September 14, 2022
Yes. That is, if what you have is what is commonly called bread flour. The difference between bread flour and all purpose, cake flour, etc- is a matter of protein content. Bread flour contains more protein, which translates to more gluten. You can certainly make bread with it by hand, or with a stand mixer. It just takes a bit longer for kneading, if you do it by hand. You can also opt to use a no-knead recipe, which relies on time rather than brut strength to form gluten.
Nancy September 14, 2022
Agree with Lori’s suggestions of how to use the bread machine flour.
Also - just to know - depending on the wheat or brand, all purpose (8 to 11 % protein) and bread machine flour (11 to 12% protein) can be not so different in characteristics and results in the bread made from them.
Gbuck September 14, 2022
Sorry about spelling.
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