Applesauce coffee cakecan I bake in mini in loaf pans

I have always made this in a bundt pan or tube pan. I want to make mini loaves. Do you think it will work? Should I adjust the temperature. I know the baking time would change. Just wondered what the impact on the finished product would be not using a tube pan. Do I need to adjust the recipe?



boulangere December 4, 2011
sdb, I had a dream last night about mini loaf pans! Yesterday I taught a gluten-free holiday baking class, and we baked an apple cake, I'm seriously not making this up, in a tube pan. In my dream, we were layering the batter-apple layers in mini loaf pans. And they turned out beautifully, so forge ahead!
sdebrango December 4, 2011
Wow, thanks. Thats a real coincidence. I am gifting them and can't send a tube cake. Mini loaves are so much more manageable. How wonderful that you taught a gluten free baking class. Would love to hear more about that.
ATG117 December 4, 2011
I think you should be fine baking in mini loaves. Naturally, check for doneness earlier than stated. I'd say at least fifteen minutes before the suggested baking time and then in 5 minute increments.
sdebrango December 4, 2011
Thank you so much. I wasn't sure if there was any science involved in the use of a tube pan and the impact on the finished product with a change in the type of pan.
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