Staub French Essential Oven vs. Cocotte?

I am looking to add another piece to my cookware collection. I have a 5.5qt LeCreuset and recently got a Staub Everyday Pan that I love SO much more than the LeCreuset. I've been debating getting a smaller one to cook soups, chilis, etc. What is a better lifetime piece - the Staub French Essential Oven or the Staub Cocotte -(4qt, or 6 qt)? I cook all time and want to add something I'm going to use long term. Thanks!

  • Posted by: Beteavon
  • September 24, 2022


Nancy September 25, 2022
Is your 5.5 qt pot large enough for all the roasts and big dishes you want to cook?
Or do you sometimes need to cook two large dishes for a diner part or festive meal?
Then get the 6 qt pot.
If not, go for the 4 qt.
702551 September 24, 2022
One thing I have learned over decades of buying, owning, and using cookware is that if I have two pieces of similar capacity, I end up using one piece 90% of the time.

If you have the space and money to keep both, go right ahead. In my tiny galley kitchen, it's hard for me to justify keeping both around.
702551 September 24, 2022
The best person to answer this question is you.

No one here knows your living situation, what sort of food you cook, whether or not you entertain large groups frequently, how much storage space your place has, et cetera.

I live by myself in a small place with a galley kitchen and not a lot of storage. I don't host big groups. I have big skillets I rarely use and a handful of cookware that I use regularly.

I do have a dutch oven that is stored on a top shelf that comes down a half dozen times a year but when it does, it's indispensable. I have a friend who uses her dutch oven weekly simply because she bakes bread.

And yes, I've given/donated pieces away when I decided they would be better off somewhere else.

The cuisines you cook most frequently heavily dictate cookware choice as does the number of people you are cooking for. A single person cooking mostly Japanese cuisine is going to use a different set of cookware than a couple with four school age children cooking standard American fare.

Anyhow, think carefully about your individual usage case and choose wisely. No one here can tell you what best for you because we aren't living your life. I don't need a 24 qt. stock pot with a pasta insert. But someone does, just not me.

Best of luck.
Nykia007 September 23, 2023
Thank you for this! I've been wondering about the difference for a while
Amanda H. September 24, 2022
The French Essential Oven has a rounded base, which allows for more even stirring and scraping, and it has specially designed spikes on the lid, which help with even basting. The cocotte has a flatter base and straight sides, which will give you more space for browning; it also has the basting spikes and comes in a wider variety of sizes. Both are great pieces and you could easily decide on looks alone!
Nykia007 September 23, 2023
Thank you for this! I've been wondering about the difference for a while
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