Looking for food tour in Tel Aviv

I am going to Israel in December, and would like to do a food tour in Tel Aviv. There are a lot of them. Can anyone recommend one they’ve been on and loved? Restaurant recommendations welcome also. Thanks!

  • Posted by: drbabs
  • October 4, 2022


Nancy October 24, 2022
Here's some news of pizza, pita and fish places in the Carmel Market and nearby a new shawarma fast food place (with links to some great chefs and restaurants).
Nancy October 6, 2022
Revised info a couple days later.
Maybe better stick with walking and eating around the markets (there are about 6 total in TA) as a cheap and cheerful introduction to what's available now, and a way to hear about other good food locations (tours, shops, restaurants).
More recent data shows (due to pandemic and/or personal decisions):
1) Mr Komarovsky operating mostly or completely in the Galil, and by Zoom classes. New contact info if you're still interested:
[email protected]
phone: 3-9175575
2) No current teaching or tour offerings from Mr Holland.
drbabs October 6, 2022
Thanks for doing the research, Nancy! I appreciate it.
creamtea October 4, 2022
Not Tel Aviv proper but if you are into cheese there are a number of cheesemakers around the country to visit including a goat farm not far from Rehovot (I'll have to find out the name) where you can sit in their small farm restaurant and order a wonderful cheese tasting. Makes a lovely breakfast or lunch. There is also a winery nearby; you can pick up a few bottles of specialty wines that are too small-batch to export. I have packed one in my suitcase with no problem.
creamtea October 4, 2022
Rehovot also has a terrific restaurant on the Weitzmann Institute campus. About 20-30 minutes by train from TA.
drbabs October 6, 2022
Thanks, creamtea. That sounds great.
Nancy October 4, 2022
A few ideas.
Go to the Carmel Market (shuk ha carmel) or Levinksy Market. There are paid tours of the market, but you can probably get around without one, and spend your money on street food lunches, and snacks to bring back to your hotel/B and B.
Two great teachers, one sometimes in Tel Aviv and one hosts custom meals in Jerusalem, if you're getting to that city.
1) Erez Komarovsky (chef, baker, teacher. Lives in Galil, often cooks from what he finds when foraging). Sometimes in TA and teaching or hosting dinners.
2) Shmil Holland, a food historian who used to (and maybe still does) host meals for small groups, in Jerusalem.
Nancy October 4, 2022
Spelling - Levinsky Market.
Recommended by Food52