How to convert to gluten, dairy and egg free?

Do you know what changes to make to convert this recipe to be gluten, dairy, and egg free?

On a past review, that’s not shown here any longer, someone explained in detail how they successfully converted this delicious recipe to be gluten, dairy, and egg free for their husband due to his allergies, the same allergies I have. I grew up with my grandma making this but we discovered that she never wrote her recipe down. I just looked at your recipe here for the allergy friendly recommendations as I’m about to make this but I don’t see that review anymore? Thank you so much!!

  • Posted by: Esste
  • October 20, 2022


Nancy October 20, 2022
Esste - I find adapted regular recipes for allergies is often messy and/or difficult, especially when things like chemistry (for example, eggs) are involved.
What works better for me is to find a tested, reliable recipe for the dish which ALREADY incorporates the dietary requirements you need. That way, someone else has done the recipe development, testing and adjustments (if needed).
For this question, I would look for a GF, dairy- & egg-free recipe for Swedish meatballs. That is the most common one I saw on the web and YouTube. If needed, then made some adjustments to flavor to reflect the original you wanted (for example, a different meat, but same volume. Or add a spice that was in the Norwegian recipe but not in the Swedish one.)
For a reliable and tasty recipe, I look for sites I know are good. And/or recipes that have most likes/endorsements by other cooks who have tried it. Look for numbers between parenthesis: (150) is way better than (5).
Good luck and please let us know how things turn out!
chalookal October 20, 2022
Thank you so much!!
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