How do I add honey to this recipe?

I was wondering how I could incorporate honey into this recipe to make a honey butter glazed honey cornbread. This recipe came out perfectly in my glass pan and wanted to add stuff to it obviously. Should I reduce the amount of brown sugar and add some honey? Or just add the honey in to this base recipe?



Nancy October 30, 2022
Thoughts from previous baking, but not exactly this recipe.
Omit the brown sugar from the cornbread.
I fear baking it with the original brown sugar will be too sweet once you add a honey glaze.
The non-sweet cornbread will both work in savoury contexts and provide contrast with a honey glaze.
Then make an existing honey glaze recipe…not the ones used for ham, but those for cake (all recipes) or donuts (like the one with vanilla used kn Dunkin’ Donuts).
Good luck and please tell us what you choose to do and how it turns out.😉🤞
Nancy October 30, 2022
Correction. The honey glaze recipe for cake was in Southern Living magazine.
Nancy October 31, 2022
PS The honey glaze recipes all have butter, as you requested.
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