I'm making Leslie's Cobbler this weekend, but I'm using fresh blackberries instead of peaches. The recipe calls for lemon and cinnamon for seas...

...oning for the fruit..I plan on using the lemon, but are there any suggestions for a better spice pairing with blackberries besides the cinnamon?

Recipe question for: Peach (or other Fruit) Cobbler


Leslie_ May 7, 2011
I like the taste of cinammon with blueberries, though the other proposed spices sound quite interesting.
jollygreenani May 1, 2011
jollygreenani May 1, 2011
So, I made the cobbler last night and it turned out awwmazing!
I ended up using the basil flavoring, and tore tiny pieces of fresh basil leaves and placed them throughout the blackberries. I also used zested the lemon and put that into the flour mixture which provided an incredibly flavorful crumble topping.
Thank you for all your suggestions! I tested out the Chinese 5 spice and I'm going to save that for more of a winter blackberry cobbler, (or whenever I'm feeling in a more homey mood), but the basil was refreshing, light, and added a lot of flavor depth to the dish. I'll actually add more leaves next time.
I wasn't able to test out the ginger unfortunately, because I also think that would have a nice light, spring flavor...but I do have two cartons of blackberries leftover, so I believe I can think of something!
Thanks again
Anitalectric April 30, 2011
My favorite spice for blueberry muffins is 1/4 tsp (a very small amount) of star anise. Picky people don't like it, though.
jollygreenani April 29, 2011
I will definitely let you know what I end up using, my boyfriend will be weighing in on the decision also; we might like two entirely different flavors, who knows! (altho these all sound delicious).
jollygreenani April 29, 2011
These are fantastic ideas, thank you so much! I will definitely have to play "chemist" on the stove.
SKK April 29, 2011
Oh, I forgot - if you use dried basil use a few ground fennel seeds with it. And if you use fresh, just sprinkle chopped leaves on top. And please, please let us know what you come up with.
SKK April 29, 2011
To add to hardlikearmour, basil is wonderful with blackberries. Also consider grains of paradise which give a rich flavor to berries.
ChefJune April 29, 2011
i'm thinking Chinese 5 spice might be an interesting flavor for the blackberries. I have enjoyed it with dark fruit.
hardlikearmour April 29, 2011
I'd think about ginger. I'd also consider thyme or sage for something a bit unusual. You could cook a bit blackberries and sugar in a saucepan, then mix them with different spices or herbs and see what you fancy.
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