Substituting cherries for blackberries in a reduction sauce

I would like to sub frozen dark cherries for the frozen blackberries I usually use in a recipe. Recipe calls for heating the berries until soft, then pushing berries through a strainer until you're just left with juice, then mixed with brown sugar, vinegar, spices and left to simmer one hour until reduced. If subbing cherries, could I leave them whole? And if so, would one hour be too long to simmer them? Meaning would they be unrecognizable as cherries and look like mush? Fix? Thanks and Happy Easter!

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1 Comment

Nancy April 16, 2017
I think rhe flavor would be lovely with the dark cherries, but you'll likely have to adjust your expectations on texture (e.g. puree and strain) or volume (use more cherries than blackberries and cook longer to get same volume of strained liquid).
Alternative...make the sauce with high quality red fruit juice (cherry, pomegranate, etc).
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