Baking Dishes/Pan Volume Conversions

I have searched and found lots of baking pan volume conversion charts - but none that list oval or odd-sized oval baking pans. I cant be the only person with a bunch of IKEA and vintage oval baking dishes that are odd sizes! I can't even find a formula to help me figure out how to find the volume of an oval pan (3D oval with flat top and bottom) in order to convert a recipe to fit my dishes. For recipes for baked dishes that do not give a total volume, it is hard to know how to convert them without really winging it . . . anyone know the formula to use or a source? Thank you ever so much!

  • Posted by: BaliThai
  • November 15, 2022


Nancy November 15, 2022
Balithai -
You make a good point - those charts don’t have oval pans.
Two ways to figure their volume.
Water. Fill with water then empty and measure the water. Or fill with water whose measure you know.
Formula. Look for “how to figure the volume of an oval solid” or “oval cylinder.”
BaliThai November 15, 2022
Nancy, thank you! I searched for all kinds of formula's - but didn't search for an oval cylinder - duh! Thank you! That did it!
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