Help finding recipe featured in recent Food52 holiday catalog - aperol dessert.

It was featured in clear glass ramekins. A layer of vanilla creme & topped w a layer of aperol 'jello'. On the right side of the page. Accidentally recycled catalog & struggling to find on line. Many thanks!!



R December 25, 2022
I uploaded a photo of the page but it hasn't appeared yet... Trying again. Maybe it needs to be approved?
R December 25, 2022
Just saw this. I made the recipe for Xmas dessert. Perfect! I followed instructions as written except that I poured hot/almost boiling water in the pan and cooked custard for maybe 5 extra minutes. I removed the glass ramekins from the water bath about 5 minutes after taking them out of the oven. Great recipe. Here you go.
Nancy November 21, 2022
If/as no one has found the recipe here, a web search for Aperol jelly with vanilla cream will find various recipes.
Sometimes the pudding is called panna cotta.
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