We bought Stone Hollow Turkey Brine but there are no directions! How much wet brine does a jar make?

Our turkey is 26 pounds



Lori T. November 19, 2022
I believe the product is intended to be used as a "dry" brine, rather than a wet one. I just saw this in a local store, and that's what they were saying. You are supposed to sprinkle it all over the bird, inside and out, cover and chill for 24 hours. One jar would be enough for one turkey the size you have, I think. I would double check with the Stone Hollow website to see if they have something else to offer.
Muffins52 November 19, 2022
Thank you so much. I have never tried a dry brine but will this year. I did check with Stone Hollow and they said it can be used wet but would not be as flavorful. I did not think they were enthusiastic about using it that way. Thanks again.
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