Once the dough has risen, flour your hands and the work surface and turn the dough out onto the work surface. Press the dough into an 8-inch/20-centim

When reading the recipe it looks like the bread rises three times? Or is it rise once in bowl then shape and rise again (skipping step 4). Thanks!

  • Posted by: Boodel
  • November 30, 2022
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1 Comment

Lori T. December 1, 2022
No, the dough only rises once, actually, after you mix it. Once you have the dough made, you divide it into four balls. Those are set aside to rise for about 2 hours, before you flatten them in step 4 and bake them. If you opt to use premade pizza dough, you would just skip the mixing part and divide your dough into the four portions for the rolls. The recipe is kind of confusing reading, so I get why you are puzzled.
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