Breadstick dough sinks after refrigerated

I followed a recipe for copycat recipe olive garden breadsticks and let the dough rise till double in size then transferred into two bowls for second rise but I got sleepy and put dough in fridge overnight now the dough is flat in the bowl but my finger impressions remain when I press on dough. Does it need to rise again or is it ready to form into breadsticks? Where do I go from here?

Misty Buchanan


Nancy February 15, 2021
Misty -
A possible scenario. The test expanded about and exuded its gasses so much it collapsed.
Sometimes it can be brought back, sometimes not. Bring to room temp, punch down, cover and checkin a hour or so. If activity, continue with recipe. If not, proof another portion of yeast, knead in, and check after half to one hour. If good, proceed with recipe.
Good luck and let us know how it works out.
Nancy February 15, 2021
Should read: "the yeast expanded a lot"
(AutoIncorrect thought it knew better)
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