Is it possible to use a pork loin for pulled pork? If not, can you recommend a good pork loin sandwich recipe?

I have all of the ingredients to feed a large crowd this evening with pulled pork sandwiches but my lovely husband showed up with pork loin. We're in a remote area so returning to the store isn't an option. Help!



tipolouri July 12, 2021
Thanks so much for taking the time to respond, everyone. I ended up roasting the tenderloin to make Cuban sandwiches. Easy to pull off last minute and a big hit!
Happygoin July 12, 2021
Good for you, tipolouri!

Now, don't let your husband do the grocery shopping anymore:):)
702551 July 12, 2021
It's important to point out to any readers who stumble upon this thread that pork loin and pork tenderloin are two very different cuts with very different sizes and weights. Neither is suitable for the long cooking required for pulled pork results.

Happygoin is right. Find someone else to do your grocery shopping. Pork shoulder and pork tenderloin are pretty much the polar opposites of pork cuts (there's also on different sides of the carcass).

I'm glad to hear everything ended all right. Clearly consulting this Q&A forum before you proceeded averted an expensive disaster (since tenderloin is WAY more expensive than shoulder).
Sharon July 11, 2021
Only if you like tough, dry meat.
drbabs July 10, 2021
If you Google pulled pork/ pork loin, you’ll find hundreds of recipes for using a pork loin to make pulled pork, generally in a slow cooker of some type. But as Happygoin said, there’s so little fat in a pork loin that the meat will likely eat dry. Sorry. I like Happygoin’s idea of roasting it and making sandwiches. This Vivian Howard recipe is really good:
Happygoin July 9, 2021
I don’t think a pork loin would work for pulled pork...the meat is way too lean. It won’t shred.

I might roast it, slice it thin and make Cuban pork sandwiches. A much better bet!
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