I've got left over pork loin. Does anyone have any ideas for applications other than Cuban sandwiches?

Had it sliced with pan roasted carrots and shallots last night. Everyday Food recipe.

  • Posted by: MarcusV
  • December 9, 2011


bigpan December 10, 2011
Cuban sandwiches!
RobertaJ December 10, 2011
Shred/chop the meat, mix it into some red chile sauce (or green tomatillo sauce), add some cheese, roll in corn tortillas and call 'em enchiladas !
lorigoldsby December 10, 2011
Slice it into strips, and make spring rolls with mango, cucumber, carrots and a nice Thai dipping sauce....it will feel like a little bit of summer and a nice lunch break from some of the heavier dinners and treats we've been eating lately.
MarcusV December 10, 2011
Wonderful idea. I don't like the texture of chicken in spring rolls, but pork loin sounds perfect.
CaliforniaRenata December 9, 2011
reheat it, & shred it with a fork, toss with some bbq sauce and serve as little pork sliders; best topped( or served aside) cole slaw
bugbitten December 9, 2011
Monkeymom posted a pork loin banh mi sandwich recipe about a year ago.
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