Thinking about using rotisserie chciken next time. Wondering about how to incorporate the flavors from the marinade? May just coat shredded chciken

  • Posted by: Adriana
  • December 26, 2022


namitazop December 31, 2022
i don't think so
yasminfahr December 26, 2022
I haven't tested it that way, but I think you could. I would still put the chicken in the marinade and then add it when the onions are nearly done so they still add that flavor to them. Because the onions will be cooking for much longer on their own, I would just keep a close eye on them to make sure they aren't burning and adjust the time as needed. Let us know how it turns out!
Nancy December 28, 2022
This recipe sounds very good and I'm thinking of making it.
Just wondering should we, if using any already-cooked chicken (rotisserie from store or homemade), shorten the total cooking time of the original recipe that starts with raw chicken?
Adriana December 28, 2022
I don’t think so, since in the original you fully cook the chicken before layering it with the rice and baking it in the oven.
Nancy December 28, 2022
Ok, thanks for the direction.
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