Amount of peanut butter to be used in this recipe.

The amount of peanut butter to be used in filling has been omitted.

  • Posted by: Marsha
  • January 8, 2023


Nancy January 9, 2023
While waiting for possible details from recipe author, I would look at other tested recipes for chocolate cake with peanut butter.
Either get an idea from them of how much pb to use, or use one of those other recipes.
Marsha January 9, 2023
Thanks Nancy. That’s what I plan to do. I have found similar recipes for the pb filling, and it’s easy enough to add the pb until I feel it has the consistency and taste I prefer.
Nancy January 9, 2023
Good to hear, Marsha.
In case you’re interested. I saw some recipes that had the peanut butter mixed with chocolate frosting.
Marsha January 9, 2023
Wilton has a recipe for peanut butter filling that looks promising.
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