Hestan Cookware where is it made

Your email states Hestan made in Italy but the description states made in China.
Can you explain the two?
Thank you,

  • Posted by: Nan
  • January 23, 2023


Peter T. January 25, 2023
Thanks for your question. I see why you might be confused based on the email. The email we sent highlighted the features and benefits of the Nanobond Collection specifically (my personal favorite). When you clicked through the email it led you to all Hestan products we sell on Food52. While all of their cookware collections (nanobond, probond, copperbond, & Thomas Keller Insgnia) are manufactured in Italy, there are two products in the Hestan collection that are made in China, the Ovenbond Ovenware and the Roasting Pans. I hope this helps.
Nan January 25, 2023
Thank you so much!!
Nan January 28, 2023
What brand sheet pans do you use?
Peter T. February 1, 2023
I have always been a fan of USA Pan, but I have slowly been transitioning over to Hestan. The quality of Hestan sheet pans are unmatched!
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