Should I double the recipe so that there's enough for second helpings?

Hi: Is this recipe enough to feed four people if they want 'seconds'? We're having a couple over for lunch. I think that doubling it would be too much but am concerned that 4-5 servings may not be enough for a second helping . Thanks!

  • Posted by: JoAnn
  • January 25, 2023


702551 January 25, 2023
The best person to answer this question is you. Only you know the appetites of your dinner table guests.

Objectively two servings would be a *LOT* of food. After all, it's six chicken breasts split between 4 people (assuming they consume the entire amount) and one can of beans per guest.

As much as I like chili, I'm not sure I would be so keen to eat that much at one sitting but I know a lot of Americans love massive amounts of one thing.

Personally I'd plan to add something else to offer some variety to the meal. But that's just me...

For sure, if they don't consume the entire second batch, you'll have something for another meal. Chili -- like most stews -- can store in the fridge for several days (often it gets better) and is suitable for freezing. Your call.

Anyhow best of luck.
JoAnn January 26, 2023
Your response confirmed exactly what I was thinking. I'm going to add sides and an appetizer. Thank you!
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