Sounds delish. Would it be possible to make it dairy free by subbing coconut whipping cream for the ricotta??



Charlie S. March 15, 2023
Rhetorical question, sort of, but why are seemingly 95% of the questions on the Hotline about substituting ingredients? Is this site advertised specifically to those who have, or think they have, a food allergy or strict vegans?
HalfPint March 15, 2023
This site is designed for home cooks who didn't go to a cooking school or program, or are science nerds like me. People here are learning how to cook better, exploring new foods, new ways to cook. Half the time, we don't know the underlying reason why certain substitutions work or won't work. Other times, you want to make the recipe but you don't have one of the ingredients.

This is a Hotline, where you can get help. Because no single individual knows everything and Google can be a rabbit hole.
Charlie S. March 15, 2023
Substituting ingredients can be an advanced topic (usually is). Those just learning to cook should follow the recipe as provided and presumably tested. I've frankly seen some absurd substitutions being recommended as "working" when there's simply no way they would (zero fat product for a full fat product, etc.) I guess "works" is up for debate, but whatever. As I said, my comment was halfway rhetorical and not meant to stir up a hornet's nest. If somebody reads this and it gives them pause just to make the recipe as published, I will have done at least that person a service.
Nancy March 13, 2023
An alternative replacement for the ricotta - soft tofu.
It will supply similar texture and protein content.
Jessie S. March 13, 2023
If you’ve substituted that product in the past for ricotta like ingredients I imagine I you could. But I’ve never done it.
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