Just put in oven. When I sifted the cake flour and folded into batter, I had small flour lumps but didn't want to beat with a whisk

Will these bake out of the cake or not? If not, should I have whisked or strained the batter?

  • Posted by: mbobden
  • April 8, 2023


Surrey P. June 9, 2023
It's possible that these lumps will bake out during the baking process, especially if the batter has enough moisture. However, to ensure a smoother texture, it's generally recommended to whisk or strain the batter before baking. Whisking or straining can help break up any lumps and create a more homogeneous mixture. For more baking tips and recipes, you can visit Justcakesbc.com. They have a wide range of delicious cake recipes to satisfy your sweet cravings. Happy baking!
Jessie S. April 8, 2023
They should bake out - but keep me posted.
mbobden April 9, 2023
Yes, the lumps baked out and cake was delicious. Thank you.
Jessie S. April 9, 2023
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