does this recipe call 2 full sheet pans or 2 half sheet pans? could a different pan shape or size be substituted?

  • Posted by: Sstach
  • March 14, 2023
Rick's Birthday Cake
Recipe question for: Rick's Birthday Cake


702551 March 14, 2023
The recipe calls for two half-sheet pans in step #1. If you watch the accompanying video, Mr. Martinez uses two half-sheet pans.

Technically you could bake the batter in one full sheet pan however the typical residential oven cannot accommodate this size hence two half-sheet pans.

The result is the two-layer 13x18" cake per the photo.

I'm guessing that this batter could be successfully baked in other sized pans (including cupcake tins) although I have no experience doing so with this recipe so I will defer from making any time/temperature suggestions.

Best of luck.
Nancy March 15, 2023
To your second point - what other pans are possible? Check Alice Medrich article here about converting any cake recipe to the pan(s) you have. And/or charts showing baking pans volume (many sites, e.g., King Arthur Flour).
Sstach March 17, 2023
Thank you so much for the comprehensive response! So helpful
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