I cannot wait to try this recipe. One question, however, what exactly do you use for "sheet pasta"? Can I use lassagna noodles?

Many thanks.

Susan Canarick
Recipe question for: SEAFOOD BOLOGNESE


Leoobi12 March 16, 2023
Hi Susan saw your question i also struggled about making the best lasagne and about adding something to the pasta sheet,until i had this cooking book about making the best recipes and i hope this cooking helps you i have link below for you to check it out

Susan C. March 17, 2023
Thank you, I will definitely check it out. I'm curious about egg roll wrappers being called pasta sheets, I've never heard this. But NOW I know :)!
HalfPint March 15, 2023
Yes, fresh lasagna pasta sheets (from the refrigerated section at the supermarket) will work. Also, fresh egg roll wrappers (the larger sheets) will work too.
Nan March 16, 2023
How would you use the egg roll wrappers? No cooking them?
HalfPint March 24, 2023
I would blanch the egg roll wrappers for about 2 minutes in simmering water. The wrappers are made with flour water and salt, similar to fresh egg pasta. I use them for lasagna and bake them raw.
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