Boiling Allspice (bundled) and bay leaf for old family bbq recipe seems wrong

the recipe is handwritten with little actual instruction. flour, sugar and salt mixed with tomato puree and vinegar, then the spice water goes in, stirring till thick. then butter is added.



Lori T. March 23, 2023
I know it sounds weird, but it is not unusual to see that direction in a recipe. Spice bags are an old and very efficient way of adding flavors to something and allowing you to retrieve them once the cooking is done. Saves you the trouble of having to seek out tiny things like allspice berries to remove them- and inevitably missing one, which will be without fail be accidentally eaten by the least ideal diner at your table. The old way called for a cheesecloth or muslin bag, but the newer wave way is to use a large metal teaball. My tea ball has a little chain and hook you can secure to the rim of a teacup, but it works as well on the edge of the saucepot. You can also buy and make your own little bags if you like, or they even sell them online or at spice shops.
amichelbach March 23, 2023
thank you Lori T.!
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