How do I dry fresh dill weed?

I have a bunch of fresh dill leftover and don't want let it go bad. What is the best/easiest way to dry it out for future use? I heard you can freeze it but it will turn brown.

  • Posted by: CaryNC
  • May 2, 2011


Carole M. September 25, 2014
What do I use dill with
barb48 February 9, 2014
Fresh dill can be pretty dirty, so for drying or freezing, don't you have to wash it first?
chef O. August 11, 2012
Either way you are going to lose a lot of flavor
mainecook61 May 3, 2011
Freezing. Dried dill tastes like dust.
CaryNC May 3, 2011
FYI - I decided to freeze them rolled up in a zip lock back. I figured if I hung them out to dry they might fall off as they dried and it would be pointless. Thanks for all the advice everyone!!!
CazHill May 3, 2011
Arrange the stems together, tie them up with a pretty ribbon and hang them upside down, in dark place works great to drying herbs. But using a ribbon and hanging in plain sight makes drying time dual purpose, as you can decorate as well. You will know when the dill is dry because it will be easy to crumble. When you are ready to crumble it up. put the dried stalks in a paper bag before you begin to catch all the dill in one place which then makes it easy to put in a jar or container for long term storage.
My preferred method of keeping fresh herbs is to freeze them in a small air tight container. A ziplock bag works, or a small air tight sealing container, or better yet a zip lock inside a small airlock plastic container. I find that freezing preserves the color and keeps a fresher flavor compared to the fresh herbs I have dried.
Greenstuff May 3, 2011
I use the hanging them upside down method for drying herbs. But dried dill is not a favorite--you lose a lot of flavor. I'd be tempted to go the freezing route.
SKK May 3, 2011
Yes to all the answers so far. Also, if you have a vacuum foodsaver put the amount you want in the packages and seal. Another way is to dehydrate the dill - place dill on cookie sheet and put in oven at lowest temp. Or place in dehydrator.
boulangere May 2, 2011
I'm with Sam. Dry it the same way you would roses: hanging upside down, out of the light - that'll fade it.
Sam1148 May 2, 2011
Tie it up with a thread and hang it upside down and let nature take it's course, no need to use an oven or any appliance.
If it's warm where you live..put it on a wire rack on a sheet pan and put it in the back seat of your car on a warm after-noon.
prettyPeas May 2, 2011
I've never dried dill but I do freeze it every time I get a bunch. I just crumple it up into a ball and freeze in a ziploc bag. When I want some for cooking I just slice through the ball while frozen. Mine stays green and quite flavorful for months.
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