How do you dry out brown sugar in the oven?

I like to make a large batch of dry rub to use over time, but the brown sugar always clumps. I have used bread or mini marshmallows to keep this from happening- I like the marshmallows best because no dry bread crumbs end up in the mix. I heard/saw/dreamed that there was a way to dry brown sugar in the oven to keep it from clumping over time. I'd like to know if others have tried this method, what temp/time was used, and if it really works. Thanks!

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foofaraw May 2, 2015
Maybe mixing the brown sugar with some cornstarch to reduce clumps before baking it slowly in the oven?
ChefOno June 19, 2012

There are a number of approaches you can take. As anyone who has ever purchased brown sugar in a cardboard box knows, it doesn't take long for it to dry out by just leaving an open container sitting on the counter for a while. You can speed up the process by spreading it out on a sheet tray and popping it in a low oven for an hour or so. The texture will still be loose when it's hot; let it cool before deciding if it's dry enough. The microwave will also get the job done. You can simply purchase granulated brown sugar. Or you can do what I do: I make my rub with dark brown sugar and plenty of kosher salt. Stored in an airtight container, I've never had a problem with clumping. Sometimes the container needs a good shaking before use but that's about the extent of it. Hope this helps.

cindy914 May 1, 2015
Is it possible to dry regular brown sugar in the oven to make it granulated brown sugar?
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