How to make dense buttercream with the texture of divinity

I recently ate a cupcake at a restaurant that had a buttercream frosting that was dense, almost like divinity candy. It was piped in 3 swirls, about 2” tall, and bright white. It had the same, thick texture all the way through, and didn’t squish down when I cut into it. I’m obsessed with recreating this but can’t imagine where to start. Is it some sort of meringue? Buttercream using high ratio shortening?

  • Posted by: Ame
  • April 4, 2023


Charlie S. April 5, 2023
It very likely had partially hydrogenated vegetable shortening in it -- think Crisco tub shortening. That stuff is awful.

If you want to make a real buttercream frosting without hydrogenated oils, that's thick, then use a high butterfat butter -- something around 84% to 85% butterfat (Minerva Dairy butter and others).

Here's how to make the real thing. If you make it via one of the 'shortcut' methods it'll be lousy and gritty.
Nancy April 4, 2023
Follow the lead of old “dead tree media” - Gourmet Magazine had a column called “You asked for it” for restaurant dishes that readers loved and wanted to reproduce at home. And often got the recipes.
Your restaurant may give you the recipe, or at least some hints of how to make that fudge icing.
Good luck!
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