What if I just cut them in 1/2?

Your image shows largish 'maters cut in 1/2 yet instructions suggest 1/2 inch slices if "short". Why not just them in 1/2 regardless of size--as one would think slices will get mushy?????

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Grilled Marinated Tomatoes
Recipe question for: Grilled Marinated Tomatoes

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Happygoin April 13, 2023
I often do this to horrible winter plum tomatoes. I bought some today for roasting.

It’s amazing what roasting them can do. I core them, squeeze out the seeds and jelly-like goo and then slice them in half. Drizzle with olive oil, salt & pepper and sometimes a teeny bit of dried thyme,

Roast in a hot (400) oven for 40 minutes or so. The bottoms caramelize and can look burnt, but they’re not. They’re great for hours d’ouevres, in place of canned tomatoes in recipes. Hard to not eat them out of hand, tbh.
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